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Getting Started in Media Composer 6


Looking to learn Avid Media Composer 6? Were you a Final Cut Pro user and decided to switch to another non-linear editor? Or do you just want to put another software on your résumé? For whatever reason, it helps to have someone guide you through it instead of just diving in head-first.

Thankfully the Avid team has released a couple of videos explaining how the new Media Composer works. Below are two videos explaining how to get started in MC and how to perform basic edits. Avid also has several other video tutorials explaining how to perform a three-point edit, working with audio, adding transitions, and more! These videos are available at the support and training section of Media Composer on their website.

Getting Started in Media Composer 6

Basic Edits in Media Composer 6

These videos also refer to Avid’s other video editing application, Symphony.

For more video tutorials, check out Avid’s YouTube channel.

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