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Use Cycore Effects in Premiere Pro

Use Cycore Effects in Premiere Pro

Do you want to use Cycore effects inside Premiere Pro? Cycore makes a lot of the effects that come with After Effects. Using these tips you can use Bender, Bendit, Cylinder, Grid Wipe, ImageWipe, Light Sweep, PageTurn, Particle Systems II, Radial Blur, Radial ScaleWipe, Rain, Repetile, Scatterize, Slant, Spotlight, Snow, Toner, and Twister inside Premiere Pro.

Note: this tutorial is meant for users running Mac OS and not Windows.

The first step is to copy all of your Cycore effects from After Effects. To do this go to Applications > Adobe After Effects CS6 > Plug-ins > Effects > CycoreFXHD. You can copy all of these effects, but only the ones listed above will work.

CycoreFXHD folder

Next head over to Applications > Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 > Adobe Premiere Pro CS6.app. Right-click on the application and choose “Show Package Contents” from the pop-up menu. Head over to Contents > Plug-Ins > en_US. There you can paste all of the effects you copied previously.

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Now open up Premiere Pro and look at the Video Filters folder. There you will see all of the effects you just copied over. Enjoy!

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    Hi, Have you been able to use light sweep in premiere CS6? I was able to use it with this method on older versions but on CS6, once I click on the effect in effects control (after it has been applied to a clip) my program monitor shows a grey screen. So I’m not able to move the center of the effect. If you have any suggestions that would be great! Thanks

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    Thanks for your help. This is just what I was looking for. I have the same comment that Amir had in May. Can’t seem to get Light Sweep working in Premiere. Any thoughts?

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