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Create 3D Text in After Effects

After Effects CS6

Ever want to create three-dimensional┬átext in After Effects? With the introduction to Adobe Creative Suite 6, After Effects now has true 3D capabilities. But, not everyone has CS6. And even those who have CS6 don’t have enough computing power.

However, there are workarounds. There are little cheats you can use to get fairly good results at a fraction of the computing power. In this video, I will go over three methods I find useful in AE. Plus, I’ll also go over how to use the new 3D ray-tracing tool in CS6.

What do you think of After Effect’s new 3D capability? Does it have potential? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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About The Author: Mikey Borup

Mikey is a video and multi-media production professional with a strong understanding of composition and the software used to implement them efficiently. Mikey has spent years in the field perfecting his craft. He loves to teach and share his knowledge with others.

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    I had a lot of fun making this after effects tutorial. One thing I’m super excited about with 3D text is Video Copilot’s new Element 3D plugin. I’m thinking about creating a tutorial on it when it comes out. But not sure yet. Leave a comment if you want me to do a tutorial on the new plugin!

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